Friday, September 30, 2016

More Tabletop world goodies

Just received the shipment of the Townhouse and Graveyard set from Tabletop World. As expected the pieces were again amazing. However there was something which made them even better and those were the little bits, that came as a surprise to me.

The graveyard set had a pick axe, shovel and some other tool, which I don't know what it is called plus three miniature CROWS :D which are going to perch on the headstones I suppose. The townhouse had a separate bucket. I don't know if anyone else gets so exited about this kind of stuff, but I was all smiles all night because of those.

Here're some pictures of the stuff I got:

Townhouse - again WOW :D

Sample headstones from the graveyard set.

Some of the headstone were more impressive than others

I wasn't expecting to get tools with my graveyard set

OR birds! Funnily these birds made me happier than anything else in the dispatch (there were 3 of them)

Just to show that there was more than 3 headstones

I also glued the well together for painting and it has got to be done by 3.10. which is the date we set for the war hammer scenario. Maybe I'll put one of those birds perching on the well.
The waterwheel in the well was broken probably in transit. I thought of notifying and asking for a replacement, but it was less trouble gluing it together. It's not perfect, but good enough for me.

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