Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Tabletop World Cottage and Well

After selling the war hammer 40000 armies and enjoying my new wealth for a moment, it was time to start investing that money to something and what would be a better investment than more miniature(related stuff). So I put an order to Tabletop World. Since I never ordered anything from them, I thought it would be wise to start small. I thought the Cottage and the Water Well would be a good start.

The package arrived yesterday and Oh My they were sweet! Here're some pics:
The models were very tightly packed, which is nice, since especially the roofs have some quite thin parts.

I would say the scale is 25mm, which makes them look kinda small next to these reaper models, but its not too far off.

The detail is amazing!

Another angle

And off course you can open them up. Even the underside of the roof is fully detailed.
I already begun painting the cottage and the house has inspired me to device a Narrative scenario, which I will post later. I think I'll first paint this cottage and take some pics of the battle board to stand for a map in the scenario. One of my gaming buddies has already agreed to play the scenario with me yay!

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