Friday, September 30, 2016

More Tabletop world goodies

Just received the shipment of the Townhouse and Graveyard set from Tabletop World. As expected the pieces were again amazing. However there was something which made them even better and those were the little bits, that came as a surprise to me.

The graveyard set had a pick axe, shovel and some other tool, which I don't know what it is called plus three miniature CROWS :D which are going to perch on the headstones I suppose. The townhouse had a separate bucket. I don't know if anyone else gets so exited about this kind of stuff, but I was all smiles all night because of those.

Here're some pictures of the stuff I got:

Townhouse - again WOW :D

Sample headstones from the graveyard set.

Some of the headstone were more impressive than others

I wasn't expecting to get tools with my graveyard set

OR birds! Funnily these birds made me happier than anything else in the dispatch (there were 3 of them)

Just to show that there was more than 3 headstones

I also glued the well together for painting and it has got to be done by 3.10. which is the date we set for the war hammer scenario. Maybe I'll put one of those birds perching on the well.
The waterwheel in the well was broken probably in transit. I thought of notifying and asking for a replacement, but it was less trouble gluing it together. It's not perfect, but good enough for me.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tabletop World Cottage - Painted


The cottage model is quite a broken up shack with pieces of the roof loose or dropped off. I tried to use that with the painting especially with the wooden parts. Now I'm not sure how the kind of wooden roofs like the one on this would have been made really, but I'd imagine the planks would have been painted to keep the water out, so I painted the whole roof blue.

"Old roof" google image search gave me the idea for a moody roof (which all the images had). The mild is done by sponging various green shades on the finished roof and finally flocking the green parts for some texture. The flock is GF9 Dark Conifer flock.  It's not perfect, but I'm reasonably happy with it.

Maybe, I'll touch it up with some highlights or more washes later, but for now I think this will do. Since another Townhouse is already coming at me from Tabletop world, I get to enhance the look with the that project (I'm expecting it to arrive within a week or so). With the next house (and others, which will probably follow) again I plan to make the roof painted (perhaps red or orange) and make it as moody as this one.

Here're some images of the Cottage:

I'm really exited about the cottage and it actually inspired me to write up the scenario "Jos Metsään haluat sä mennä nyt", which is basically just an excuse to field this model (Well playing miniature games in general is just an excuse to field various painted bits on the table right? :).

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Scenario - "Jos Metsään Haluat Sä Mennä Nyt..."



A scenario for whfb3rd edition featuring a noble’s sheriff setting up an ambush for a band of kidnappers. A band of kidnappers who were waiting for a ransom, but were ambushed by a group of beastmen, the notorious Bruce Dick n’ sons. A damsel held hostage for a ransom and at the beginning of the scenario being cooked on a slow fire by the beastman big brother. And finally the said beastman band being ambushed by a group thinking they are ambushing some common thugs. Umm… Read on please

The good guys Briefing

The daughter of Sir Ricky has been kidnapped and soon after a poorly written ransom note appeared at his doorsteps. The note said to deliver 50 Gold Crowns ( a sizable sum) to old Boyd’s cottage some miles from the village in the deep and brooding Darkwald forest.

Now Sir Ricky is not a sir for nothing and being a clever old geezer, he quickly put two and two together. See not many of his subjects can write and finding out the ones, that had not been around for a few days was quickly done.

The list was short – Old Mary Nonose, Buck the village Dentist and Guido Nogood who until recently, had a mercantile enterprise set at the village. Since Mary was a 70 year old lady and Buck was known to be on a provisions purchasing trip to Altdorf it was no hard for the clever noble to deduct Guido as the probable culprit who wrote the note.

So Sir Ricky asked his Sheriff to gather up a force of guards and some forresters and set up an ambush for the miscreants. You are Sheriff Gunther and you will not fail!

As you approach the site early in the morning you hear the sound of river and the wind in the branches. You also see the light of an open fire reflecting from the trees ahead. No sound of birds or other animals can be heard.

As planned, you send sergeant Pepper ahead with the money to lure the bastards into the open. You can divide the rest of your force to either trailing force or flanking forces as you wish (as per the advanced setup rules in the rulebook except that trailing forces arrive turn 1 onwards and flanking forces turn 2 onwards). These forces do not have to have character models associated with them, but use the highest leadership when checking if they can get to the board."

The bad guys briefing

"You lead the forces of Bruce Dick and his extended family of beastmen living in the darkvald forest. Bruce has a band of 12 beastmen and a minotaur named Vo Dka who he rules with an iron hoof. The notoriety of his Band does not stem from the fact that he is overtly powerful, violent, clever, mutated, skilled etc He is notorious, because the moniker of his warband, Bruce Dick n’ Sons is true.

So what Bruce does is that he prowls the outskirts of empire towns and burgs looking for opportunities to enlarge his retinue.

An opportunity has just come. Willy Nilly - Bruce's Lieutenant - was leading a scouting force of 5 beastmen and the minotaur brother Vo Dka, when he stumbled into two villagers and a lady tied up in a chair in a small cottage. Willy killed the men, but not the lady whom he thought old Bruce would like to chat with.

Being a quite stupid little mutant Willy left Vo Dka to guard the damsel and left with the others to get the message of his findings to daddy.

Beginning of the game Vo Dka is grilling the poor girl in the middle of the field while feeding on the kidnappers (yeah the guys had kidnapped the girl). Set the rest of your force into two trailing forces. One of those forces can arrvive as a trailing force from turn 1 onwards and the other as a flanking force appearing from turn 2 onwards. The flanking force must be the force lead by Bruce Dick."

Specific Scenario Rules

Terrain set up

Basically use what ever terrain you want, but this is how I'm goin to do it:
  • Use 4x4 feet table
  • In the middle of the table set up a single cabin
  • Next to the cabin set up the minotaur and the fire with the poor girl
  • Set up a river blocking one flank with a ford in the middle
  • Set up lots of small woods so that there's no clear line of sight (it should be woods in the middle of the night
  • Set up walls and other scatter terrain, which a cabin in the woods might have
I'll try to remember taking a picture and adding here for reference, when we get to play the scenario. Hope this helps.
Tabletop from above

The brown felt is a road. I'll try to acquire something better for that purpose, but for now felt will do.

Here's the amazing cottage from Tabletop World. And Vo Dka having a barbecue

Vo Dka

The minotaur grilling the girl and feasting begin the game feasting. He can not try to quit feasting, but automatically frenzy if any unit attacks him or tries to capture the girl. Note that in this Scenario Vo Dka does not play for the beastman team even though they are related. He just wants to eat in peace and if he’s disturbed, he’ll frenzy and charge the closest unit he can see. Minotaur’s get pissed if their dining is disturbed.

The Girl

The Girl is alive, but dies at a random turn if left to roast. In the end of turn 6 she dies at 5+, In the end of turn 7 at 4+, turn 8 3+ and so on (She’s definitely dead if not saved by the end of turn 10).
The girl can be untied and rescued if a unit or individual model spends a whole turn next to the model.
If the girl is released, she is attached to the unit and is handled like a banner from then on (ie. She can be grabbed by another unit if the unit holding is pushed back or flees and the. One model from unit front rank is the “banner holder”)

Sergeant Pepper

Sergeant pepper is a single model, who takes a scouting turn moving towards the fire next to the cabin (place the fire and minotaurs after the scout turn).
If pepper is killed, leave a token (something representing a sack of money preferably) on the field. It can be captured and is handled just like the girl.


I’m sorry if this the concept of cooking girls on the fire and handling sacks of money just like women seem sauvinistic. It’s all for the sake of this scenario and the fact that I got this miniature of a girl being roasted.

Victory Conditions

  • The good guys win a major victory if they release the girl and escape the field with her
  • The good guys win a minor victory if the girl dies, but sergeant Pepper and his bag of 50 GC survives.
  • The bad guys win a major victory if the girl survives and they escape the field with her
  • The bad guys win a minor victory if the the girl dies but they kill sergeant Pepper and take his money 

The Armies

The Good Guys from Warhammer Armies Empire Army)

Sheriff Gunther lvl 10 Human
  • Heavy Armour, Halberd
Sergeant Pepper lvl 5 Human
  • Light armour, Halberd, A sack of 50 Gold Crowns
20 Hellblizen (Can be divided as the player wants in to 4-12 men units)
  • One Banner, One musician, Halberds, Light armour
8 Forresters (can be divided into two 4 men units or fielded as one 8 man strong unit. The forresters are skirmishers in this scenario
  • Long Bows

The Bad Guys from Warhammer Armies Chaos Army

Bruce Dick lvl 5 beastman shaman (can not be associated with a unit at game start)
  • Throw chaotic attributes if you like, but try not to give him any game breakers (like athropy for instance)
  • Throw spells, but the same with these - no game breakers. I wouldn't give him a fireball for instance
Wily Nilly lvl 5 beastman hero
  • Throw chaotic attributes if you like, but try not to give him any game breakers (like athropy for instance)
The Boys 12 Beastmen (Can be divided into 4-8 goat units)
  •  Halberds Light armour
  • No dominant attributes

The random element

Big Brother Vo Dka lvl 5 Minotaus Hero
  • 2 Handed weapon, Light armour

Note: I decided not to post the beast men with specific spells and chaos attributes, since this scenario hasn't been play tested and also because I'm really not very good at balancing stuff. At the time of writing I haven't yet even done this myself and if you feel you could help me, I'd appreciate suggestions in the comments.

Last time I made a scenario it was unwinnable for the other side. The basic idea here is that this scenario is played with the GM playing the beast men in a RPG style (since I'm gonna play it duo with my friend) so the beast men should preferably be set to lose (even but a bit unbalanced is what I went for). I hope it works.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Tabletop World Cottage and Well

After selling the war hammer 40000 armies and enjoying my new wealth for a moment, it was time to start investing that money to something and what would be a better investment than more miniature(related stuff). So I put an order to Tabletop World. Since I never ordered anything from them, I thought it would be wise to start small. I thought the Cottage and the Water Well would be a good start.

The package arrived yesterday and Oh My they were sweet! Here're some pics:
The models were very tightly packed, which is nice, since especially the roofs have some quite thin parts.

I would say the scale is 25mm, which makes them look kinda small next to these reaper models, but its not too far off.

The detail is amazing!

Another angle

And off course you can open them up. Even the underside of the roof is fully detailed.
I already begun painting the cottage and the house has inspired me to device a Narrative scenario, which I will post later. I think I'll first paint this cottage and take some pics of the battle board to stand for a map in the scenario. One of my gaming buddies has already agreed to play the scenario with me yay!

Beastmen Reinforcements

This is kind of silly to publish now, but I actually wrote a kind of a journal of my painting exploits last week. It has been sitting in unpublished state for a few days now and today I just went through the text and thought if I don't publish this now, then I'll never do it.

Also yesterday (tuesday) we played the game after work at my office. It was a massacre of my troops by the evil Dark Elves. I was planning to write a battle report of the battle later, but the photos I took are total BS because of the lighting (one half of the field was not lighted - broken lamp).

Basically it was a massacre of my forces. I had a cunning ploy of deploying all my heavy hitters (chaos knights, hounds and marauders) in a trailing force. What I did not take into account was that this meant extra 24" of ground they had to cross under fireball, lightning bolt, crossbow, hydra's flaming breath -fire. Basically I walked/ran towards him desperately trying to get into melee before my army melted into oblivion (which it did).

Still my opponent was a fun guy and I hope that despite my lack of strategy and sore mood (which I failed to mask at times ashamedly :( ) he will play with me again. As we have not much experience on this edition of the game this was, I think, a learning experience for us both.

Anyways, here's the painting log...

Monday 29.8.

Ok so a week ago, I was confused and trying to find out what my next project should be. After selling the two 40k armies I bought some beast men through a Finnish forum's buy and sell area. The guy who sold me the minis seemed to share my interests in war hammer 3rd and other random games, and guess what… We set up a 3rd edition battle for next week's tuesday :)

The Battle is supposed to be 3000 pts with the usual limitations (max lvl 3 wizards, no vorpal spells and other things, which potentially make it unfun for the other player). I asked the fellow to pick his opponent from, Chaos, O&G or Dwarves, which are the armies I have. He chose chaos, so now I have to paint at least some of the minis I he sold me.

I already got 17 beast men in the army and my plan is to paint as many as I can before the game.

About half of the new guys are some kind of small puny variants of beast men with  20x20mm bases. I plan to rip them off, base them on 25x25mm bases and use them as regular beast men, or baggage guards or something.

Here're the minis I bought:
All of the guys with the larger substitute bases I plan to use for the little guys. I ripped those off some extremely ugly arrer boyz, which will probably go to the bin soon.

The larger guys. They have some sort of big ass axes, which could be 2h-weapons or halberds 

The puny smaller guys. I have no idea who made these, but maybe it's some other (non-GW company). I think they're kinda cute :)

Tuesday 30.8.

So last night I got a couple of hours to operate on the fellows. After reviewing my existing army I decided 24 Beastmen including a shaman was needed for the game. Here's what I got done:

Test colors

Test colours from behind
I'm not sure at this stage, if its possible to paint all 24 miniatures in a week, but to have even a slight chance, a very simple scheme is needed and that's here:

  1. Airbrush black primer
  2. Airbrush white zenithal highlight
  3. Layer sand yellow/golden brown (Model Air) to skin areas (some guys with one and some with the other)
  4. Layer metal parts with Gun grey (Model Air)
  5. Layer wood parts with Earth Brown (Model Air)
  6. Layer bone parts with Bone White (Game Color)
  7. Layer belts with Beasty Brown (Game Color)
  8. Wash with Army painter Strong Tone (Army Painter)
  9. Highlight metal parts with Runefang Steel (Citadel)
  10. Highlight Furry parts with Ice Blue (Game Color)
  11. Put some Blood for the Blood God on axe and elsewhere (Citadel)
  12. Paint white edge highlights
  13. Base with martian Iron earth (Citadel)

I'm not totally happy with the level of contrast on the test miniature, but it's best to stick with the scheme, and if there's time enhance the minis somehow after the raw work is done (or after the game).

The new guys should fit at least somehow to my existing army's bases, which I can't replicate, at least not fast. The Martian Iron Earth does not fit perfectly with those, but I figured, they can be rebased later, if these start to bug me.

Today as I was painting I realised just how tight the schedule for this project is and it hit me, that I should have a STRATEGYwith targets for each nights work. I somehow got to 7 separate phases and since I have 7 nights to finish, I must go through one phase each night at minimum.

So I painted all the Skin parts (phase 1) and some metal parts for the remaining miniatures.

Skins painted
Saddly after finishing it hit me that my STRATEGY is not going to work, since there's still more stuff to do besides the basic painting of the unit. For instance, they need a movement tray and also I'm sure they would be embarrassed to march to battle with a plain banner. Tomorrow I got more time to work on these so my strategy will be to get into panic mode and paint like crazy.

Also, as if I didn't have enough to do already, there's this lady on a cooking fire, whom I just had to add to the project. See, I found an old giant miniature from my old chaos miniatures and it would be nice to include him in the list. Chaos can only take giants as mercenaries in this edition so I need a baggage. I thought maybe to paint some of those little guys (if I got time) preparing her as a dinner for the giant.

I'm not sure, if this miniature is a bit too much. On the other hand if you read the original realm of Chaos books, they used to be quite specific about the sick stuff these guys do instead of speaking about "evil" in a general kind of way, so here goes...

Wednesday 31.8. to friday 2.9.

Disaster! I am not well and not able to concentrate enough to paint. I hope This blows off soon or otherwise this is not going to work :(

Saturday 3.9.

Ok so I got over the flu and whipped myself into a painting frenzy tonight. I basically painted everything ready beginning somewhere around 2100 hrs and finishing in the morning hours (0100 or something. I just post the photos here with explanations. Basically I followed the painting plan described in the beginning of this post.

Here are the guys with horns, skin, armour and belt painted

Herer's a closeup after wash

Here's the unit without bases, but otherwise done

And the final unit