Monday, August 29, 2016

Old school D&D with my son and Otherworld with my neighbour

So last saturday we were at home and no going out because of some coughing and bad weather. My son (he's around 5 yo) asked what we could do. I suggested Age of Sigmar, since we played it a couple of times and he knows the rules.

He said fine, but I would have to paint his faction first (the Storm Cast Eternals from the starter box) and he could go build some legos while I'm at it. Then ensued an interesting discussion where I tried to explain to him how one can not paint 30 miniatures in 10 minutes, and he said "why" a lot.

The prospects of playing AoS with Stormcast Eternals, when I had one model at this stage and the rest of the faction in sprues, was...

With that out of the way we decided, we could play D&D which we have begun some months ago.

I have a set of the old red box + the other colored boxes + a bunch of adventures for those (Castle Caldwell & Beyond, Palace of the Silver Princess and maybe some others too). All my old D&D stuff is in Finnish, which is great when you play with the kids :)

My son's character is Almaran the 1st level fighter. We are currently playing through the 2nd adventure of Caldwell & Beyond, where the hero is commissioned to clean out the dungeons beneath Caldwell's castle. The game took maybe 1 hour, and it was great fun, although he kept asking when he gets to level 2 every three minutes kind of when you're on a long car trip with kids and they ask "are we there yet."

Anyway D&D is great fun and I'm sure we'll continue before soon.
Red box D&D is still one of the best games eva :D

Almaran opens a door to a laboratory with 2 psychotic mages. After small chat he proceeds to chop them up and take their gold as is right and proper.

Just a few hours after we finished, my neighbour contacted asking if I'd like to "go play some boardgames" with him. His family had gone visit the granny for the night and the house had turned into a man cave for a while. One has to use these opportunities and I said yes.

Naturally I had to come up with a game being "mr. War Hammer" as he keeps calling me. So after everyone else went to bed, I collected my dice, miniatures, Dungeon tiles and Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish and off we went.

We played two games with the same war bands, which were a bunch of heroes:

  • Ranger
  • Minstrel
  • Rogue
  • Barbarian
  • Wardog
and the villains:
  • A necromancer
  • 5 Skeletons
  • 4 Ghouls
The best part was, I got to use the same dungeon tiles 2 times the same day. I'm beginning to fall in love with these tiles! My friend said he liked the game, but hinted that maybe next time we could try Dread Fleet. We played that last time and he apparently enjoyed it more than OwFS. Might be we drank more beer too last time. I guess, I have to paint the rest of those ships now :)
A band of heroes putting an end to the reign of N00b the Necromancer, which sadly failed this time
So it was a very game intensive weekend, and that's 2 in a row (wohoo!). I'm beginning to feel a little bit of pressure now from the approaching 3rd edition match we set up for the evening of 6.9. The pressure comes from the fact, that I have to paint scorers of beast men for my chaos army.I'll do my best to write another post about how that goes and maybe a battle report from the actual game too.

I apologise from all the Oldhammer enthusiasts that have read the last battle report. The next game I have to use my own miniatures so it will not go into the "acceptable in the 80's category." This is how the army looks at the moment without the beast men additions:
All the Chaos I can muster at the moment
I have been thinking very much about how the old hammer people think about people playing with "new" miniatures (like from this millennia). Can one be old school without old figures? I don't have so much passion about when the miniature is made if its aestethics feel "right." For example some of the new Age of Sigmar miniatures are cool, but at the same time I consider throwing 20 of new arrer boyz to the bin and instead buying these, because of the way the new ones look.

Friday, August 26, 2016

The Battle of Pebble Horn - Battle Report

The small Coastal Village of Pebble Horn had an extremely juicy Graveyard . All but one of the villagers (fishermen and sheepherders) were buried there just recently. A wasting disease had swiped the place clean and only one old sheepherder and his animals had survived.

These events had not gone unnoticed. A laid back liche living in a dark brooding tower nearby summoned his troops right after the snows melted and roads opened. His name was Leeroy Yankeez and those of his subject, who knew how to speak called him stinky.

Leeroy had hordes of skeletons, but this was an opportunity to add more "fresh corpses" to the battallions. Skeletons were great, no doupt, but high maintenance. Zombies on the other hand, you could get so much more of them with the same effort.

All night the tireless host marched and just when the first light shoen from the east they saw the village through a dissipating mist. Stinky had not bothered to send a scouting force because the opposition as far as he knew was supposed to be an old man and his sheep.

Also he was old school. A line of skeletons appearing silently from the outskirts of town sending spirals of mist from their feet, that was what unlife was all about. The survivors would surely crap their pants he thought to himself with a glee.

A few moments after stinky saw the first headstones of the sweet graveyard he also saw something unexpected. Rats, hundreds of them, walking upright through the village and around it were closing fast. Those stupid creatures had probably been the cause of the pestilence, and now they were defending their newfound home. Leeroy the liche tried, but even with his intelligence of 10+3, he could not understand why the things couldn't just let him raise the late villagers from the ground, and let him go home.

It was going to go down in the village outskirts, there was no other way. Leeroy Climbed a hill. He had clothed himself in his best witch kind attire and that was the best place to show it off. "How do I look?", he asked Mar Garetha, leader of the catapult grew. She watched him with hollow eye sockets and silently gave a thumbs up.

We played a 2000 pts battle of War Hammer 3rd edition. Skaven versus Undead with my friends table and miniatures. The battlefield was a coastal village with two patches of buildings at the Skaven side and a forest and some wet patches at the undead side. There were also some hills spread out the table and a small graveyard next to one of the buildings.

The Forces

The Skaven

Independent Characters

  • Kargshak Severtyrant of Clan Vashisk (lvl 20 Hero)
    • Hellhoned blade, Light armour + spell shield
    • No chaotic attributes
  • Slagskitter, Battle Standard Bearer (lvl 5 Hero)
    • Hand Weapon, Light Armour & Shield
    • Battle Standard - Relic Banner
    • Chaotic Attributes: Poisonous Fangs, Weapon Master
  • Ungoltwitch the Mad, Warpsqualer (lvl 15 Wizard)
    • Spear, Hand Weapon
    • Chaotic attributes: Mace Tail
    • Magic (23MP):
  • B1.4 Dispirit        2 MPs
  • B1.7 Flight        1 MP
  • B1.8 Hammerhand    2 MPs
  • B1.12 Part Water    2 MPs
  • B1.13 Steal Mind    2 MPs
  • N1.5 Zone of Life    2 MPs
  • B2.2 Cause Frenzy    2 MPs
  • B2.3 Cause Hatred    2 MPs
  • B2.6 Mental Duel    3 MPs

Clanrats of Clan Vashisk

  • Sturmratten Regiment ”Der Reik” - Clanrat Stormvermin (20)
    • Leader: Mortweak, Clan Warlord (level 10 hero)
    • Weapons: Double-handed Weapon, Hand Weapon
    • Armour: Light Armour
    • Special Equipment: Relic Banner (A unit accompanying the standard is immune to panic, and may re-roll the result of its first rout test of the game)
    • Chaotic Attributes: Iron Hard Skin (Adds +1 to their basic saving throw, included above),
  • Clan Vashisk Marauders - Clanrat Warriors (34)
    • Leader: usually led by Kargshak
    • Weapons: Hand Weapon
    • Armour: Light Armour & Shield
    • Chaotic Attributes: -
  • Clan Vashisk  Despoilers - Clanrat Warriors (19)
    • Leader: usually led by Ungoltwitch
    • Weapons: Spear, Hand Weapon
    • Armour: Light Armour & Shield
    • Chaotic Attributes: -
  • Zod’s Drudges - Skavenslaves (49)
    • Leader: Zod, Clan Chieftain (level 5 hero)
    • Weapons: Hand Weapon
    • Armour: -
    • Chaotic Attributes: Blood Rage (The unit is subject to frenzy).

CLAN ESHIN (all attacks from a Clan Eshin model are poisonous)

  • Sewer Stalkers - Gutter Runners (9)
    • Leader: Scritch
    • Weapons: Hand Weapon, Sling
    • Armour: Light Armour
    • Chaotic Attributes: Magically Resistant (The unit may make any magic saving throw with a +1 will power bonus, The unit may also attempt a save against magic not normally permitted a saving throw, although without the +1 bonus.), Poisonous Fangs (The unit may make an additional bite attack with every second model fighting. This attack is poisonous and any hits are resolved with a +1 strength bonus), Snake Tail (Snake tails are poisonous. Any hits are resolved with a strength bonus of +1. This confers and extra attack for every second model fighting. This attack can be to the front, side or rear.)


  • Clan Moulder Beastmasters (3) with Rat Ogres (6)
    • Weapons: Hand Weapon
    • Armour: -
    • Special Rules: Cause fear in creatures under 10’ tall.
    • Chaotic Attributes: -


  • Warpfire-thrower Team I (1 unit of 1 team)
    • Weapons: Hand Weapon
    • Armour: Light Armour
    • Chaotic Attributes: Razor Sharp Claws (The unit may make an additional claw attack with every second model fighting. The unit may add +1 to its strength when resolving the effects of hits, and any enemy suffering damage must deduct -1 from their saving throws.)
    • Warpfire-thrower: Range: 12”, Radius: 1”, Strength: 5, Save Modifier: -3, Wounds per Hit: 1D3
  • Warpfire-thrower Team II (1 unit of 1 team)
    • Weapons: Hand Weapon
    • Armour: Light Armour
    • Chaotic Attributes: Long Legs (The unit contains many individual with long legs, adding +1 to the unit’s movement), Manic Fighter (The unit hates the closest enemy unit within 12”)
    • Warpfire-thrower: Range: 12”, Radius: 1”, Strength: 5, Save Modifier: -3, Wounds per Hit: 1D3


  • Manticore
  • Chaotic Attributes: -
    • Manticores are large targets for the purposes of missile fire.
    • Manticores cause fear +1 in creatures under 10 feet tall.
    • Manticores have 3 stomp attacks plus an additional attack from the tail. Although delivered by the tail, this is another stomp attack, the tail curling over the creature’s back to attack to the side or front. Tail attacks are envenomed and so have a strength bonus of +1.
    • Any blows struck by Manticores have a better than average chance of penetrating armour. An enemy’s armour saving throw is reduced by -3 if struck by a Manticore.

The Undead

Independent Characters

  •  Stinky Leeroy Yankeez (lvl 20 Liche)
    • Magic (30 MP)
      • Zone of life
      • Hand of Death
      • Summon Skeletons
      • Wind Blast
      • Immunity from poison
      • Leg breaking
      • Steadfast
      • Aura of protection
      • Lightning bolt
      • Life in death (this was cast before battle)
      • Annihilate undead
      • Raise dead
    • No gear

Rank and File

  • Mia's Daydream Legion (25 skeleton warriors)
    • Hand weapon, shield, standard musician
    • Mia T Loaf - lvl 5 undead hero with same gear
  • Grim Fellows (20 Grim reapers)
    • Standard, Scythes
  • Bill's Stickies (25 Skeleton warriors)
    • Shields, Spears, Standard
    • Skinny Bill Hickups -lvl 5 undead hero with same gear
  • Ben's Hurricanes (3 undead chariots)
    • Scythes (in both wheels), bows
    • Ben Huzzah - lvl 10 undead hero with magical trance sword
  • 2 Carrions
  • Plague Cart
  • Undead stone thrower
    • Mar Garitha - lvl 5 undead hero with hand weapon



The whole army was deployed in scout phase
From left to right:
  • Mar Garetha and her Catapult deployed to a small hill on the left flank.
  • Grim reapers deployed between the hill and march 
  • Stinky Leeroy Yankeez deployed next to the grim reapers
  • The plague chart deployed in the march
  • Bill's Stickers deployed between the march and the woods
  • Ben Huzzah and his chariots deployed behind the woods
  • Mia T and her group of skeletons deployed behind the hill facing left
  • Carrions deployed behind the lines
Undead left flank deployed

Undead right flank deployed


The whole army deployed in scout phase
From Left to right (Skeleton left to right that is)
  • A warpfire team and some gutter runners deployed in the first patch of buildings
  • The summoned Manticore deployed in front of the buildings facing the catapult (quite obviously its target)
  • Rat Ogres and storm vermin deployed behind the hills between the building patches
  • A large Clanrat unit with army standard and a smaller clan rat unit deployed to the right of the last buildings
  • A huge unit of skaven slaves deployed to extreme right facing away from the skeletons (apparently cool 4 does not rock against undead)
Skaven army deployed mostly in cover to avoid skreaming skullz

Manticore deploys directly in front of the catapult, wonder what's he up to :)

Some frenzying long legged flame thrower guys behind cover

Skaven main force. Note how the middle units are deployed behind the hill and skaven slaves as far away from the undead as possible.

"Bird's eye view" of the deployment

The battle


Skaven begin the game. Manticore takes to the air and flies 12" directly towards the catapult. The two clan rat units to the extreme right start to manoeuvre to the midfield between the village and the forest. Warpfire teams lurk closer in the flanks. Everyone else sit tight in cover, which seems reasonable because of the panic inducing screaming skull catapult on the hill.
The Manticore flies towards the catapult at attack level.


The whole skeleton army moves slowly forwards except for the chariots, which stay behind the forest in a "perfect" ambush position. Mia's regiment begins to move around the hill. Stinky casts wind blast on the poor manticore, which will severly slow it down. Carrions wheel towards the manticore and the left flank. Catapult shoots at the gutter runners, but miss shooting wide.


The skaven clan rats move closer towards the middle. The manticore flyes closer the catapult, but because of the magical wind can move only 4" or so. The warp fire teams skulk closer and gutter runners too. Skaven slaves move to the extreme right as far away as possible from the action and taking a hill in the process.
Warpfire thrower team skulks closer the undead left flank

Gutter runners decide to keep back for now
As does practically everyone else


A discussion on the nature of summoned hosts and when the "leaves battle" event is triggered by the possibility of the carrion making a flyby attack on the manticore and triggering said condition ensues. In the end everyone agrees, that it would be stupid and the Carrion decide to fly nearer a warp fire team for a flyby attack. Rest of the skeleton army moves towards the skaven lines except for the chariots off course. Mr. Yankeez maintains wind blast on the manticore and Mia's regiment keeps wheeling around the hill on the left flank. Catapult tries to shoot at a clan rat unit, but deviates on a warp fire team destroying it.
Carrion close on the warpfire team threatening undead flank


The manticore fails its str check, but chooses to land for charge (My friend thought you have to land with flyers to charge to close combat, which you don't). Clanrats move to the middle field between the forest and the buildings and storm vermin + rat ogres march from behind the hill adding to the clan rat line. The skaven sorcerer casts zone of life, which seriously ducks up the skeleton chariots' plan to flank charge them. 1 chariot and some skeleton warriors from Bill's stickers crumble to dust faced with this mighty magic.
The mighty swarm moves for the kill

"Mmmm don't you just love the grass on this side of the yard Bob."

The general's clan rat unit fails to charge because of the fear (failing 6 or 7 check to do so)

The warp fire team shoots at the grim reapers, but the shot deviates 12" forward missing (actually it could only deviate 6", but we missed that bit of rules). Before the shooting the GM and my opponent make careful measurements from the warp fire team to the unit, which was quite suspicious. After the game they told me that the unit had long legs and hatred chaotic attributes, which was hilarious. It meant that they would have had to charge from within 10". The fire thrower has 12" range so to shoot, the rats had to be between 10" and 12" of the target :)


The Carrion make a flyby attack on the left flank warp fire team scaring them off the field. They then proceed to turn towards the right setting their undead eyes on the large unit of skaven slaves on the far hill (the other side of the board). Mia's unit which has thus far spent the whole game wheeling around the hill. Charge the manticore and winning the ensuing melee, which automatically routs the beast.

Stinky now free to cast spells instead of keeping the manticore in check, calls 3 lightningbolts from the heavens almost totally annihilating the gutter runners sneaking towards his left flank (5 kills, rest run away).
Catapult shoots and kills 7 clan rats from the large unit, which is immune to panic because it carries a relic banner.

Ben Huzzah's chariot unit wheels to the right and gallop away from the zone of life effect. The skeleton line at the middle backs up a bit to get away from the effect.
Ben makes a tactical decision to relocate himself away from the Zone of Life


Things look great for the Skaven for a moment. The whole line moves forwards (2 units of clan rats, 1 unit of storm vermin and the rat ogres). Then the wizard chants to the wind of life magic for another zone and rolls an 11!!! FAIL.


The carrion speed up towards the skaven slave unit in the far right.

Grim reapers charge the rat ogres.
Bill's Stickers charge the clan rat unit with the poor wizard.
Ben's remaining two chariots charge the skaven slaves.

All three units rout.
Storm Vermin panic.

Stinky casts aura of protection and strolls towards the graveyard picking a straw from the ground and whistling to himself


Try to rally but fail.

Aftermath and thoughts

What did just happen!? Apparently both of us felt the whole game like we're gonna get wiped. For me it felt the undead were very expensive and the sight of the skaven line was daunting. My opponent knew the rules somewhat better than me and appreciated the fear and how the ratmen would respond to it with their Cl of 4 to 5.

Basically the first few turns we manoeuvred and my general's mojo was spent on keeping the manticore from decimating the catapult crew. When the forces met, the skaven line exploded into an uncontrolled rout. After the game we concluded, that the odds weren't actually so bad for the skaven. They should have won at least one of the melee's in the middle, but instead lost all due to his bad rolls and my good ones. In any case the undead must be the worst possible matchup for the Cl5 skaven.

This is generally how the combat went. I might have forgot one round or some manoeuvres, which did not have a big impact on the game. I think the catapult hit one more squad killing 7 clan rats, but can't be sure.

I'd like to thank my friend for hosting this game. The miniatures, battlefield and terrain were all amazing and inspiring (so much so that I already set up the next game of whfb3rd edition and begun painting some beastmen, the ones I got just this week).

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

You lose some, you win some

even though it could, the title does not refer to playing of games, but to my shifting miniature collection. Today my friend came by to pick up two of my three warhammer 40000 armies, which were the chaos space marines/daemons and imperial guard. The shelves look sad and empty now (well not everyone in this household would say so. Guess to whom I'm referring :).

Because giving up miniatures is emotionally hard I just had to pamper myself with some substitutes. So I picked up 57 metal beastmen from some editions along the way back from the office :D My chaos army for 3rd edition warhammer sorely needed those so it was an intelligent move right? Besides they are all packed in this very small cardboard box so no space taking issues until I paint them.

I must admit I'm a bit unfocused right now. I have no idea what I should start painting next. The possibilities that pop to mind are:
  • More models for gates of antares (I have enough to play)
  • Continue painting my Perry war of the roses and landsknechts for a 3rd edition empire army (I got 20 ready)
  • Paint the beastmen I just got
  • Some bones or Otherworld miniatures for fantasy skirmish games
  • Continue basing my 15mm celts (The models are painted and based, but bases need flock)
I still have not received my war and empire kickstarter romans or the cottage and well from Tabletop World, which I ordered a few weeks back, so I need to figure something else to do for now. Most probably it will be something for warhammer 3rd, because I'm kinda exited about that game at the moment, but we shall see.

Monday, August 22, 2016

I found this great game called Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish

We went to the Salute a few months ago with my long time gaming friend. One of the more interesting things I ran into was (for me) previously unknown company called Otherworld Miniatures and their game Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish.

While strolling around the booths My eye stopped on a cute set of gaming tables with a sweet OSR wibe to them and the nice chap standing next to them offered to demonstrate the game, which I promptly agreed to. After being suckered to a demo we naturally marched to their sales booth and bought ourselves copies, dice, cards, miniatures and stuffed them into our bags :)

The game itself is a fun sandbox-like toolset with which you can set up old school D&D-like skirmish battles. It's not geared to campaign play like Frostgrave and most of the other skirmish rules out there, but if one should so wish setting up a campaign would be easy enough.

Another thing worth mentioning are the otherworld miniatures, which are AMAZING. They are not the cheapest ones out there, but every single model is dripping with character and that 1st edition feel. I have resisted the urge to order more of those (in addition to the female ranger which I bought from their stall at salute), but after getting my hands on the Men of Evil and Dungeon Denizens sets, my friend just got, I'm not sure I can resist for long.

Since I already have 25 years worth of fantasy miniatures, I got to play the game already. I did not have any dungeon terrain and it took me quite long to decide what to do about that. Investing hundreds of euros on a dungeon terrain set, which would only be used on this game did feel a bit much.

About a month ago I finally found the best possible solution, which was to buy D&D Dungeon Tiles: Master Set Dungeon pack. It should be enough for this game for a grand price of 20 € :D I reasoned, that if the game starts to "feel a bit flat" on those, I can always buy/paint 3d dungeon dressing or use my Hero Quest Furniture.

Here's a picture of a small game we played using the set with some reaper miniatures and GW goblins.
There are many great reviews of the game and also nice battle reports. Here are a few links:

A review from the Border Princes Blog
Raid on Pembroke battle report There're more great battle reports on the same blog, which I heartily recommend!

One more thing to mention is a monster manual type expansion, which Otherworld has "promised" to put on sale. Apparently its a bit delayed at the moment because of a new miniature line they just came out with (Official Judge's Guild minis if I'm not mistaken). I really am looking forwards to that book and hope its published soon!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Some Gates of Antares work and random musings on playing games

The reason I don't play a lot (and paint more I guess) is that setting up time for gaming is much more difficult after you get kids (mine are 2 and 5 at the moment). Anyway I do get to play occasionally especially in the winter. I recently joined a gaming club of maybe 50 people in Helsinki with a lot of tables and terrain, so setting up games is a little easier now than before.

I used to play 40k and I still kind of like it, but for a very casual player like myself the pace of things and the lists are just a little too much.

About 2 years ago it started to feel like a burden to keep up with all the new books, formations and whatnot. The last 4 or so games of 40k felt like there's no point to go through the trouble. You know, you have to set up a date a few weeks beforehand, set it up with your family also. Then you go to wherever it takes place and pick up your miniatures off the table for two hour. The last game I faced an army of grey knights with 2+/4++ saves with a CSM army, which had a single meltagun and nothing else with penetration powers :)

The same thing happened to me with Warmachine/Hordes some 10 years ago. I think maybe games requiring skill and commitment just don't suit me...

Rick Priestley's Beyond the Gates of Antares, is currently the game in which I put almost all of my limited gaming time. Gates of Antares is Still quite new and the games are smaller (at least for now). The guys I'm playing with are taking it very casually, which suits me perfectly and even though I get trashed almost every time, it's different from 40k in that I get to blow stuff up too.

Here's some pictures of my Concord army for BtGoA

C3M4 unmanned drone tank


Some Basic troopers

A Scifi jungle bungalow from Sarissa (which I bought from warlord games. This is supposedly official Antares terrain or sumfing like that)

All the white guys and gear were done with an airbrush and the blacklinings were done with Nuln Oil. I originally used army painters dark tone for the black linings, and I try to stay away from citadel paints because of the stupid pots they come in. In this case I had to make an exception, because Nuln Oil is so much better stuff. Army painter dark tone did not flow properly and I kept messing up the lines. Nuln oil instead flows like a dream. It is so much easier to make sharp lines with it. The visors are just painted black with a coat of gloss varnish.

I still have some unpainted concord (that's the faction in the game, that these white dudes represent) miniatures, 30 or so + another tank. I also ordered some 20 miniatures for another faction, the Freeborn. Haven't begun painting the freeborn yet and am still thinking about the paint scheme. They are pretty high tech so I think it will be black or very dark grey with some OSL stuff or freehand on the capes.

What I know I won't do, is paint them with the official studio scheme. There's nothing wrong with the official studio scheme, and I really can not explain why I don't want to use that other than I usually don't use official schemes.

Really hope Antares will become a popular game. It's still quite new so can't be sure, but I like it and hope it will soar so that I get to enjoy it myself for a long time (or until it becomes too hard for me and I have to move on again).

Friday, August 19, 2016

Hello World!

After reading this blog, I thought I should try to write a blog about my hobby in the miniature. Only, I can not write and I have no specific passion to focus on (like the old hammer movement for example).

My hobby is a mismatch of different things. The games I currently play (rarely) and paint for (often) are:

  • Beyond the Gates of Antares
  • Warhammer 40000
  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar
  • Warhammer Fantasy Battles (whatever edition, but at the moment I think 3rd's the best)
  • Otherworld Skirmish
  • Hail Caesar (in 15mm)
  • Some others i can't remember right now
Mostly I just paint miniatures, because I like to paint and also because of the current life situation it's much easier to find time for that, than to actually playing anything. I also do some commission painting in a very cheap non-professional way. I reasoned that's the best way to get the chaps on the fields of glory, since in our house they mainly just sit on the shelves.

When I say I can't write, I mean that I usually feel like I have nothing to say. I decided to forget about that and just write what comes to mind and that way get around the problem :)

So what's going on right now? At the moment I just finished (almost) some Chaos Daemons, which I had to paint for a largish Chaos Space Marine army, which was sold to a friend (who will actually play with them). The patch painted included:

Chaos Space Marine lord (from Dark Vengeance)

10 Plaguebearers

Mierce Miniatures Divine lord of Buboes and lesions which will be a GoA (Great Unclean one I suppose.

And here's the whole army (except for the miniatures above, since they weren't paint at the time)

I am very happy with the GoA especially. It was done with rotten flesh base coat, Army painter strong tone wash. The bony bits are done with skull white highlights and the fleshy bits by simply adding army painter red wash and gloss varnish. So a very simple and fast paint job with disgusting results :)

What's next then?

Next hobby thing will be a 2000pts whfb3rd edition match I play with my friend. I try to take some pictures and post them here. The miniatures are my friend's and I think they are all the really old stuff from the 80's and early 90's.

Hobbywise I'm not sure. A friend of mine said he maybe needs me to paint 3 more riptides for his Tau army, which I painted. I'm also thinking of buying some overpowered detachments for war hammer 40000, painting them and selling them. My gamer friend already sent me lists of different detachments which are the hotness at the moment, which is nice, because I'm totally clueless myself about them :)

Also I'm supposed to be getting some 300 15mm romans from War and Empire kickstarter, this fall and there's bunch of other stuff that "needs" doing.

Until next time!