Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tabletop World Cottage - Painted


The cottage model is quite a broken up shack with pieces of the roof loose or dropped off. I tried to use that with the painting especially with the wooden parts. Now I'm not sure how the kind of wooden roofs like the one on this would have been made really, but I'd imagine the planks would have been painted to keep the water out, so I painted the whole roof blue.

"Old roof" google image search gave me the idea for a moody roof (which all the images had). The mild is done by sponging various green shades on the finished roof and finally flocking the green parts for some texture. The flock is GF9 Dark Conifer flock.  It's not perfect, but I'm reasonably happy with it.

Maybe, I'll touch it up with some highlights or more washes later, but for now I think this will do. Since another Townhouse is already coming at me from Tabletop world, I get to enhance the look with the that project (I'm expecting it to arrive within a week or so). With the next house (and others, which will probably follow) again I plan to make the roof painted (perhaps red or orange) and make it as moody as this one.

Here're some images of the Cottage:

I'm really exited about the cottage and it actually inspired me to write up the scenario "Jos Metsään haluat sä mennä nyt", which is basically just an excuse to field this model (Well playing miniature games in general is just an excuse to field various painted bits on the table right? :).


  1. Thanks! I can not come up with an adjective in English, which would do justice to the model so I'm just gonna say it's perkeleen hieno :)