Tuesday, August 23, 2016

You lose some, you win some

even though it could, the title does not refer to playing of games, but to my shifting miniature collection. Today my friend came by to pick up two of my three warhammer 40000 armies, which were the chaos space marines/daemons and imperial guard. The shelves look sad and empty now (well not everyone in this household would say so. Guess to whom I'm referring :).

Because giving up miniatures is emotionally hard I just had to pamper myself with some substitutes. So I picked up 57 metal beastmen from some editions along the way back from the office :D My chaos army for 3rd edition warhammer sorely needed those so it was an intelligent move right? Besides they are all packed in this very small cardboard box so no space taking issues until I paint them.

I must admit I'm a bit unfocused right now. I have no idea what I should start painting next. The possibilities that pop to mind are:
  • More models for gates of antares (I have enough to play)
  • Continue painting my Perry war of the roses and landsknechts for a 3rd edition empire army (I got 20 ready)
  • Paint the beastmen I just got
  • Some bones or Otherworld miniatures for fantasy skirmish games
  • Continue basing my 15mm celts (The models are painted and based, but bases need flock)
I still have not received my war and empire kickstarter romans or the cottage and well from Tabletop World, which I ordered a few weeks back, so I need to figure something else to do for now. Most probably it will be something for warhammer 3rd, because I'm kinda exited about that game at the moment, but we shall see.

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