Monday, August 22, 2016

I found this great game called Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish

We went to the Salute a few months ago with my long time gaming friend. One of the more interesting things I ran into was (for me) previously unknown company called Otherworld Miniatures and their game Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish.

While strolling around the booths My eye stopped on a cute set of gaming tables with a sweet OSR wibe to them and the nice chap standing next to them offered to demonstrate the game, which I promptly agreed to. After being suckered to a demo we naturally marched to their sales booth and bought ourselves copies, dice, cards, miniatures and stuffed them into our bags :)

The game itself is a fun sandbox-like toolset with which you can set up old school D&D-like skirmish battles. It's not geared to campaign play like Frostgrave and most of the other skirmish rules out there, but if one should so wish setting up a campaign would be easy enough.

Another thing worth mentioning are the otherworld miniatures, which are AMAZING. They are not the cheapest ones out there, but every single model is dripping with character and that 1st edition feel. I have resisted the urge to order more of those (in addition to the female ranger which I bought from their stall at salute), but after getting my hands on the Men of Evil and Dungeon Denizens sets, my friend just got, I'm not sure I can resist for long.

Since I already have 25 years worth of fantasy miniatures, I got to play the game already. I did not have any dungeon terrain and it took me quite long to decide what to do about that. Investing hundreds of euros on a dungeon terrain set, which would only be used on this game did feel a bit much.

About a month ago I finally found the best possible solution, which was to buy D&D Dungeon Tiles: Master Set Dungeon pack. It should be enough for this game for a grand price of 20 € :D I reasoned, that if the game starts to "feel a bit flat" on those, I can always buy/paint 3d dungeon dressing or use my Hero Quest Furniture.

Here's a picture of a small game we played using the set with some reaper miniatures and GW goblins.
There are many great reviews of the game and also nice battle reports. Here are a few links:

A review from the Border Princes Blog
Raid on Pembroke battle report There're more great battle reports on the same blog, which I heartily recommend!

One more thing to mention is a monster manual type expansion, which Otherworld has "promised" to put on sale. Apparently its a bit delayed at the moment because of a new miniature line they just came out with (Official Judge's Guild minis if I'm not mistaken). I really am looking forwards to that book and hope its published soon!

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