Monday, August 29, 2016

Old school D&D with my son and Otherworld with my neighbour

So last saturday we were at home and no going out because of some coughing and bad weather. My son (he's around 5 yo) asked what we could do. I suggested Age of Sigmar, since we played it a couple of times and he knows the rules.

He said fine, but I would have to paint his faction first (the Storm Cast Eternals from the starter box) and he could go build some legos while I'm at it. Then ensued an interesting discussion where I tried to explain to him how one can not paint 30 miniatures in 10 minutes, and he said "why" a lot.

The prospects of playing AoS with Stormcast Eternals, when I had one model at this stage and the rest of the faction in sprues, was...

With that out of the way we decided, we could play D&D which we have begun some months ago.

I have a set of the old red box + the other colored boxes + a bunch of adventures for those (Castle Caldwell & Beyond, Palace of the Silver Princess and maybe some others too). All my old D&D stuff is in Finnish, which is great when you play with the kids :)

My son's character is Almaran the 1st level fighter. We are currently playing through the 2nd adventure of Caldwell & Beyond, where the hero is commissioned to clean out the dungeons beneath Caldwell's castle. The game took maybe 1 hour, and it was great fun, although he kept asking when he gets to level 2 every three minutes kind of when you're on a long car trip with kids and they ask "are we there yet."

Anyway D&D is great fun and I'm sure we'll continue before soon.
Red box D&D is still one of the best games eva :D

Almaran opens a door to a laboratory with 2 psychotic mages. After small chat he proceeds to chop them up and take their gold as is right and proper.

Just a few hours after we finished, my neighbour contacted asking if I'd like to "go play some boardgames" with him. His family had gone visit the granny for the night and the house had turned into a man cave for a while. One has to use these opportunities and I said yes.

Naturally I had to come up with a game being "mr. War Hammer" as he keeps calling me. So after everyone else went to bed, I collected my dice, miniatures, Dungeon tiles and Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish and off we went.

We played two games with the same war bands, which were a bunch of heroes:

  • Ranger
  • Minstrel
  • Rogue
  • Barbarian
  • Wardog
and the villains:
  • A necromancer
  • 5 Skeletons
  • 4 Ghouls
The best part was, I got to use the same dungeon tiles 2 times the same day. I'm beginning to fall in love with these tiles! My friend said he liked the game, but hinted that maybe next time we could try Dread Fleet. We played that last time and he apparently enjoyed it more than OwFS. Might be we drank more beer too last time. I guess, I have to paint the rest of those ships now :)
A band of heroes putting an end to the reign of N00b the Necromancer, which sadly failed this time
So it was a very game intensive weekend, and that's 2 in a row (wohoo!). I'm beginning to feel a little bit of pressure now from the approaching 3rd edition match we set up for the evening of 6.9. The pressure comes from the fact, that I have to paint scorers of beast men for my chaos army.I'll do my best to write another post about how that goes and maybe a battle report from the actual game too.

I apologise from all the Oldhammer enthusiasts that have read the last battle report. The next game I have to use my own miniatures so it will not go into the "acceptable in the 80's category." This is how the army looks at the moment without the beast men additions:
All the Chaos I can muster at the moment
I have been thinking very much about how the old hammer people think about people playing with "new" miniatures (like from this millennia). Can one be old school without old figures? I don't have so much passion about when the miniature is made if its aestethics feel "right." For example some of the new Age of Sigmar miniatures are cool, but at the same time I consider throwing 20 of new arrer boyz to the bin and instead buying these, because of the way the new ones look.


  1. Really impressive that you're playing D&D with your son. Mines a little older, and I've been going through the Fighting Fantasy game with him and we've done a bit of miniatures gaming, but I'm looking for ways to keep it more interesting than just dice rolling for combat (which is really the bit he's least interested in, more interested in the exploration)

    1. Thanks! D&D is in my opinion best for playing with kids. I really do not emphasize the rules much and we go through the game at his pace. Sometimes we play for an hour, but sometimes a session might take 20 minutes and be only about one conversation, depends on the day and mood. Also I found that the best thing to do is to go along with his (sometimes weird) ideas. What I mean is that the game feeds the kid's imagination and he might say his character does something, which logic says is impossible and I usually let him do it, because it is logical in his mind so why not. I also downplay the violence a lot. No severed heads and guts in our game.