Friday, August 19, 2016

Hello World!

After reading this blog, I thought I should try to write a blog about my hobby in the miniature. Only, I can not write and I have no specific passion to focus on (like the old hammer movement for example).

My hobby is a mismatch of different things. The games I currently play (rarely) and paint for (often) are:

  • Beyond the Gates of Antares
  • Warhammer 40000
  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar
  • Warhammer Fantasy Battles (whatever edition, but at the moment I think 3rd's the best)
  • Otherworld Skirmish
  • Hail Caesar (in 15mm)
  • Some others i can't remember right now
Mostly I just paint miniatures, because I like to paint and also because of the current life situation it's much easier to find time for that, than to actually playing anything. I also do some commission painting in a very cheap non-professional way. I reasoned that's the best way to get the chaps on the fields of glory, since in our house they mainly just sit on the shelves.

When I say I can't write, I mean that I usually feel like I have nothing to say. I decided to forget about that and just write what comes to mind and that way get around the problem :)

So what's going on right now? At the moment I just finished (almost) some Chaos Daemons, which I had to paint for a largish Chaos Space Marine army, which was sold to a friend (who will actually play with them). The patch painted included:

Chaos Space Marine lord (from Dark Vengeance)

10 Plaguebearers

Mierce Miniatures Divine lord of Buboes and lesions which will be a GoA (Great Unclean one I suppose.

And here's the whole army (except for the miniatures above, since they weren't paint at the time)

I am very happy with the GoA especially. It was done with rotten flesh base coat, Army painter strong tone wash. The bony bits are done with skull white highlights and the fleshy bits by simply adding army painter red wash and gloss varnish. So a very simple and fast paint job with disgusting results :)

What's next then?

Next hobby thing will be a 2000pts whfb3rd edition match I play with my friend. I try to take some pictures and post them here. The miniatures are my friend's and I think they are all the really old stuff from the 80's and early 90's.

Hobbywise I'm not sure. A friend of mine said he maybe needs me to paint 3 more riptides for his Tau army, which I painted. I'm also thinking of buying some overpowered detachments for war hammer 40000, painting them and selling them. My gamer friend already sent me lists of different detachments which are the hotness at the moment, which is nice, because I'm totally clueless myself about them :)

Also I'm supposed to be getting some 300 15mm romans from War and Empire kickstarter, this fall and there's bunch of other stuff that "needs" doing.

Until next time!

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