Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Age of Sigmar - Finnish Stat Cards

Ok so I got a problem coming from a marginal language area, Finland. Since there's only about 5 million people speaking Finnish and because we tend to speak English and other languages quite well, no-one bothers translating stuff for us anymore.

Normally this would not be a problem, but wanting to play games with my son, who's learned to read,  I needed Finnish stat cards for our Age of Sigmar Games. I considered commissioning a graphic designer to make templates for the cards for me, but ended up using a great online tool.

The tool doesn't translate the names for the stats (like "move", "bravery", "wounds") because I assume it's meant for making up your own units, but it made it possible for me to make up Finnish names for the critters and translating the ability descriptions and so on.

I know Finnish Translations are not interesting to many people, but everyone interested in AoS should check out the web page with the app. It is great :D

Here're the results:

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