Friday, February 24, 2017

"Bors the Axe" - Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish Character

"Bors the axe", "The Bald Blade of the North", "The Loinclothed Avenger", the man has many names and he came up with them all. Other folks just call him Bors or Mr. Bors, and try to stay away from him mostly, especially when he's drinking (which is most of the time).

Bors likes to boast and to fight and he does the latter well. His boasts are mostly clumsy attempts since his grasp of the common tongue is a bit weak, but no one ever tells him that to his face.

Bors is an Uthgar barbarian. He wields a a great two handed axe which he calls "The Axe" and wears a loincloth to all occasions and all year round. He's come to the north for he has heard there is trouble in Deadsnows, and also gold. Bors is planning to protect the innocent, slay the evil and take all of their gold (which was probably not stolen). He figures the innocent are sure to pay him for his services as well. They're supposed be digging gold from the mountain, so the pay should be good.

"Bors the Axe" - Good Legend - Valiant Warrior
Spd 6, Def 4, Hits 3, Str 4, Agi 4, Int 2, Mor 4
Special Power: "Reign of Steel"
Abilities: Martial Training, Onslaught, Rage, Blocker, Dodge, Roar
Weapons: Two Handed Axe (3+ to hit, 2-handed, Brutal, Unwieldly)
Cost: 61 Gp

Other members of the Party of Adventurers:
"Jane Fondue"

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