Tuesday, March 7, 2017

"Jane Fondue" - Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish Character

Janes first recollections is the warm fur of the mother. She was left into the wild to die as an infant. Miraculously instead dying, Jane was adopted by a female brown bear who raised and nurtured her. When a little older, maybe 8 or so, she got totally bored waiting 5 months every winter for mama bear to wake.

Jane left the cave and after a while, a band of knights from Silvery Moon ran into her. They "saved" the girl taking her to the city. She couldn't speak and no one knew where the girl came. People assumed she was either blessed or cursed by the gods of the wild and handed her to druids, with whom she lived until adulthood.

The druids taught Jane to speak and behave, sort of. She didn't have an aptitude for magic and thus became a ranger instead.

With such epic and portentous background it surprised no-one, that Jane turned up an adventurer. Being a bit antisocial she never kept jobs for long before she ran into Bors and his band of heroes. Bors' straightforward way of doing the business of "adventure heroism" appeals to Jane. Their method is:
a) Identify the bad guys/girls/humanoids/monsters
b) Kill them
c) Take their treasure
d) Receive gold from civilian authorities
e) rinse and repeat

"Jane Fondue" - Good Companion - Wild Ranger
Spd 6, Def 4, Hits 2, Str 3, Agi 3, Int 3, Mor 3
Special Power: "Call of the Wild
Abilities: Concealing Cloak, Dodge, Eagle Eyes, Loner, Luck (1), Move Silently, Treasure Hunter (1)
Weapons: Short Sword (4+), Bow (4+)
Cost: 38 Gp

Other members of the Party of Adventurers:
"Bors the Axe"

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