Monday, December 12, 2016

Descent 2 - Miniatures

Haven't been writing for a while here, because I've been busy painting miniatures. I fell into the age old trap of miniature painters which is, I begun several projects and haven't really finished any. The real reason for not blogging is the guilt I feel for not finishing the Barracuda and Dreadfleet projects.

They are on hold because a friend had an urgent need to get a load of descent 2 miniatures painted by christmas. In a weak moment I said I'd do it and now that they are halfway done it's beginning to seem like I will maybe even deliver them before the big day.

Here's some images of the minis painted so far:

The forces of E-vil

I guess these are zombies

These were called Barghests, which I recall are some kind of demons, so glowing eyes should be ok

Good guys

Good guys again

The mandatory elven archer

Elven archers - they make killing look cool

Short santa claus... hiding an axe behind his back!

For some reason one of the characters is an ugly young child

"Mandatory image text"

More heroes: green shaman, red headed archer babe and elf paladin

Shot from behind

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