Monday, November 7, 2016

Tau Barracuda

A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked, if I could build and paint the new(ish) Tau KX139-model as a reinforcement to complement his existing force. At first I got very exited about this, but since I have absolutely no experience on building Forgeworld Resin models, I consulted another friend, who does.

I was politely informed that it would be a very bad idea to venture into the wonderful world of resin models by building one of Forge Worlds largest kits. He said something like: "You could go mad."

Since giving up felt terrible, I ordered a Tau Barracuda with which I plan to practice building Forge These kits. Maybe after this project, I have a basis to estimate the building of the bigger kits. The silver lining here is that my friend generously agreed to purchase the Barracuda from me, after I'm done, so I don't have to use precious storing base for that piece of rub.... :D

I just got the package today and here're some photos of what's inside. I guess the next thing is to start cutting, filing and washing these bits. I'll post again once I got some stuff done.
I can't describe the feeling I get when I got this in my hands, but if you're reading this blog you probably know exactly what I mean

I've got no idea what the fluff text is talking about, but the image is S.E.X.Y.

After opening the package I thought it was a good thing I chose not to begin with building a titan.


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