Friday, October 28, 2016

Dread fleet - More Ships Required

I got this game a few years ago in a miniature swap and painted the terrain and few ships. We then played a game with my neighbour. Then the game was forgotten on the top shelf of my study. There it lay for a while forgotten and collecting motes of dust until my friend casually told me he might like to ty it again.

Sooooo….. I need to paint more ships. The first scenario, which we played, has only 2 ships and I personally think it is quite boring to play that way. You end up circling each other for a long time and taking potshots.

For the next scenario I need the Swordfish and The Curse of Zandri Here're some pictures of the things I already have painted for the game:

Random island

Skull island :D

I don't think I have to write what this is?


It's totally reasonable to build a castle on a skeleton of a giant tortoise.

Castle black

This island is used for the summoning of Great Cthulhu

This is perhaps the most ridiculous thing GW has ever produced. It's a mountain with a Vampiric castle magically moved on a pile of shipwrecks. I'm pretty sure mushrooms were consumed during the creative process.

Yeah it's the same ship sailing on a piece of cardboard

Here's the Heldenhammer being pursued by a magical sea monster and a roll of kitchen towels

I'll post some pictures, when I get the ships done for scenario 2.

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