Monday, December 19, 2016

Descent 2.0 - almost done

Ok I got the most important miniatures done (YAY), which is all the basic box miniatures (minus the dragons) plus the player characters from "Oath of the Outcast" - box. I still have to paint the monsters from the OotOc, the dragons and the Goblin king, but I'm pretty sure that's not gonna be too much trouble to get them done before New Year.

I forgot to mention, that my paint scheme is basically from the images of the game art, I found from the net and the rest is just copying this guy. So thank you for the article, without which I couldn't have done this.

My friend came to collect the 1st patch yesterday and he seemed happy with the minis, which is a load off my heart. Here're some pictures:


I really liked the elementals. I know I painted the flames wrong (red in yellow out), but its just too hard to make them look any kind of good if you do them like you're supposed to. This softer plastic is kinda ok with larger minis

Backchat of the elementals. They have all 4 elements in them although the water can only been seen in the back under the flames

Ettins. Boring minis if you ask me. Just your basic 2 headed giant

I have no idea what these are, but they are by far the coolest minis in the whole patch. Some kind of Cthulhu Shark thingies. :Thumbs up:

Mandatory backshot

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